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NOTE - Players who are already playing Rangers Academy for Fall 2023 DO NOT need to register again for Spring 2024.

Any player new to Rangers Academy for the 2023-24 seasons will need to register below.

Are you ready to get involved with the OK Rangers Academy?

Players born in 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 can play for our Academy.

Click here to register to play in the Rangers Academy!

Email to find a training session or to ask questions.



  • Academy teams typically practice twice each week during the fall and spring seasons.

  • The teams may participate in local academy leagues, friendlies, play dates, and festivals with other academy clubs

  • On average, each team will play 8 league games in each of the fall and spring seasons.

  • Teams will typically participate in 1-2 tournaments each season.

  • Teams may participate in indoor leagues through the winter months, with a Christmas break.

The goal will be to schedule games, leagues and tournaments that have a balance to challenge & encourage our players.


Technical Foundation

Training will consist of exercises, drills, free play, games, and homework. We emphasize the importance of the player being comfortable, confident, and happy with the ball at their feet. Building technical ability and confidence on the ball will be the focus throughout the player's time in the Academy. We understand the importance of soccer starting at home. Whether it’s playing with family, focusing on technical skills, or practicing new technical challenges, a huge part of your child’s success in soccer will be their commitment to training outside of scheduled practices.

Individual Focus

Each player’s development path will be different. Coaches will do their best to meet each player where they are at, evaluate their individual needs, and challenge them to improve in the identified areas. We will train in teams and small groups to facilitate each player’s ability and development. There will be times a player may be asked to play up, to get an additional challenge, or play down, to gain some much-needed success and confidence.


The central goal in our Academy program is technical development. Although we understand the importance of competition and a competitive mindset within the process, we will not emphasize winning at the expense of player development. We believe that development and learning happen through both success and failure. We will teach our players to embrace the process and never be afraid to try new things. We will consistently guide our players with this in mind, knowing that in the long term, this will lead to success.

Academy Fee Structure

The Academy program consists of $100 registration fee per season (fall/spring) and $65 per month training fee (Aug-Dec for fall, Jan-May for spring). Training fees may be paid in full or broken into monthly installments due on the 15th of the month for convenience. Additional costs include uniforms, tournament fees, and coach travel expenses.

I'm interested! Now what?



Click here for 2023-24 registration!

Players can sign up for Academy at any point during the season, depending on team/roster availability.

Players that miss the Evaluation period will be evaluated by each coach in the age group and placed accordingly.

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