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Fall 2024 Academy Registration will open soon! Check back in June for more information on getting started!

Are you ready to get involved with the OK Rangers Junior Academy?

Come try out our sessions and get a sample of our unique training methodology, that is revolutionizing youth soccer development in our communities

Email to find a session or to ask questions.

What is Academy?

The OK Rangers FC Junior Academy is a program designed to allow players from U6-U10 to practice and play with players of a similar level in an environment with licensed and experienced coaches. The idea is to get players of a similar ability in to a challenging environment to encourage development adhered to each individual players, current skill set.

The focus of the OK Rangers FC Junior Academy will be to develop young players who love the game, have a high level of mastery of the soccer ball, who play with the freedom and confidence to make autonomous decisions. The staff will emphasize this in every session. Training sessions will be designed using the US Soccer Structure of Play-Practice-Play. This structure ensures that the game is the biggest teacher and that anything we are working on, is done so in a match realistic environment.

We strongly believe that our Academy is the best program to prepare youth soccer players for competitive soccer at U11. OK Rangers FC Academy players feed into our competitive Club.  Many of our coaching staff work in both programs.

Why Academy?

We certainly value the work being done by volunteer coaches at the grassroots/recreational level, and we hope to continue to grow these relationships that will benefit all parties, in particular the players. In the academy environment, we can now take a player that is enjoying the game at the recreational level, and provide them with the instruction to continue to grow within the 4 pillars of the game; Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical. We can also surround this player with peers of a similar level to provide a competitive and challenging environment to drive development. This will reduce the amount of lopsided games, each coach will be licensed and will possess the key qualities we have identified as a club to really enhance the child’s experience. Players will learn something slightly different from each coach, but there will be a consistent philosophy and style of play throughout our academy program.

Is academy competitive?

Academy is not competitive. We will train twice a week and play games on the Friday. We will play in the Metro Academy League on Friday nights and try to schedule additional friendlies, but we keep no standings in an effort to remove the pressure to win from coaches, players and parents. The idea is for the focus to be on development and this will be one of the key factors for our program. We will never sacrifice a player or team’s development to win a game. We will instill a competitive spirit and introduce a winning mentality but our main goal is growth and ensuring our players are technically excelling, are able to make their own decisions and understand the demands of the game.

Academy is available to every child, regardless of ability or experience in the game. At this time, we allow players to double roster on both academy & recreational teams.

Academy Fee Structure

The academy program consists of $100 registration due on sign up and the 2nd installment of $100 due 1/30/2022.  Training fees are broken into monthly installments of $65 due7/15/22,8/15/22, 9/15/22, 10/15/22, 11/15/22, 12/15/22, 1/15/23, 2/15/23, 3/15/23, 4/15/23.

I'm interested! Now what?




1. 2024 registration will open soon.

2. You will be contacted by mid July with details and to attend a free clinic.

3. Practice Starts August

Players can sign up for Academy at any point during the season.

Players that missed the Evaluation period will be evaluated by each coach in the age group and placed accordingly.


Birth Year Info (Fall 202#-Spring 2024 Seasons)

Age Birthday on or after Game format Game length Ball size
U10 2014 7v7 2x25 min halves Size 4
U9 2015 7v7 2x25 min halves Size 4
U8 2016 4v4 4x10 min quarters Size 3
U7 2017 4v4 4x10 min quarters Size 3

There will be circumstances where a player due to their ability will play up a year. This decision will be coach driven and must be the right decision for the individual. The Director of Coaching will be involved in any decision regarding players playing up. Players must start off in their birth year and will be placed accordingly by the coaching staff, after an evaluation period. Younger players may NOT play up on a second team. We want anyone playing up to be top 5 on the top team. Formal requests may be made to the staff regarding playing but again, the decision will be coach driven with the players best interests at the forefront.


Academy Format

2014 & 2015 age groups will play 7v7 & introduction to 9v9.  We will play games in house, and in the Metro Academy Games Platform with ESC, NOKC, Norman, & MWC. We also set up festival weekends with like-minded Clubs from out of town (Tulsa, Dallas)

2016 & 2017 age groups will play 4v4 & some introduction to 7v7.  We will play games in house, and in the Metro Academy Games Platform with ESC, NOKC, Norman, & MWC. We also set up festival weekends with like-minded Clubs from out of town (Tulsa, Dallas)

Teams will be formed based on ability.  Players may move from one team to the next based on their progress. This evaluation and movement will be up to the coaches working in that age group.


OK Rangers FC Academy uniform kit will be ordered online and shipped directly to you.  More information on how to order will be given to you soon!