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Thomas Siranga

By Julie Watson, 04/22/21, 9:30AM CDT


Thomas Siranga

Staff Coach

Phone: 405.361.8337

Coaching Philosophy

It starts and ends with the ball and the relationship & interaction with everyone else (teammate or opponent) on the playing or practice field. Identify and zero in on the player's strengths and needs....from this point, move towards getting the player to be as proficient as possible while also working to understand and refining the needs that the player has. Provide an environment that not only provides answers but also asks questions that enhance growth and evolution of the individuals within the team. Cultivate self regulation through the process of discovery, remembering that through the learning process, mistakes will and should happen (we are humans first before we are soccer players). Allow the player to own the process and let the journey be about him or her. The environment can create outstanding soccer players but on the same token, the environment can just as well diminish the growth of the 'obvious talent'!!!!


Nairobi, Kenya

Coaching Experience

Southern Nazarene University Graduate Assistant 2005

Canadian Valley Futbol Club 2007-2017
Oklahoma Energy Futbol Club 2017-present

US Youth National D License

Playing Experience

Re-Union FC (Kenya) 1996-2000
Tusker FC (Kenya) 2001

Lindsey Wilson College (Kentucky) (2001-2002)
Southern Nazarene University (Oklahoma) (2003-2004)

Impala FC (Kenya) (1993-1995)

Murangia High School (Kenya)

Getting to know Coach Thomas ...

Favorite Saying?  "All things being equal, the simplest solution is always the most effective solution!!"

Favorite at home exercise to recommend to players?  Full body body weight regimen, joint stability and strengthening, stretching and flexibility regimen.

What motivates him to work hard?  Two reasons: 1. There's someone (known or unknown) that would give everything to be in the position to let alone 'WORK HARD', but get the chance to 'JUST WORK'. 2. For the ones that come along after me and might perhaps look to me for guidance, I would hope that they would catch me in 'A MOMENT OF EXCELLENCE'.

Last book he read? Streetlights and Shadows: Searching for Keys to Adaptive Decision Making by Gary Klein