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Our Mission and philosophy

Oklahoma Rangers FC's core mission is to provide the best possible environment for the players, families and coaches within our communities. We are resolute in our beliefs and understand that the only way to grow and improve is to accept the fact that we are never done learning and that there is always another way. We strive to provide excellence in all areas of the Club and put each and every player in the best position to reach their maximum potential.

Our Club Philosophy is as follows:

  • Person First, Player Second - We aim to be a full service Club, able to cater to players of all levels. Our mission is to help each player reach their maximum potential on the soccer field but more importantly we understand our responsibility to help shape positive members of society. We aim to instill values such as respect, integrity, humility, honesty and a growth mindset. As a staff we need to be positive role models and work to understand each person, behind the player that we are working with.

  • Real Leaders, Create More Leaders - At Oklahoma Rangers we believe in providing the best platform for individual growth for both our players and our staff. We aim to achieve this through continuous self reflection, setting clear expectations and assigning and recognizing responsibilities. We want all our players and coaches to be aware of all the opportunities they have in front of them, set goals and embrace the challenges and work it takes to reach them.

  • Healthy Competition Leads to Progress - Our player development model dictates that we will never sacrifice our playing style, values and beliefs in order to win, but we do want to encourage competition in everything we do. Competition is a huge part of our training methodology and also makes up one of the 5 pillars of our Club style of play. We want our players to continuously push each other, strive for better,  and also learn valuable life lessons through wins and losses in practice and in games.

policies and by-laws

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By-Laws AND Policies


2023-2024 By-Laws

OK Rangers Policies and Procedures


The information collected through registration - player name, birthdate and contact information as well as parent names and contact information will be used only for registering, tracking, and communicating with players via GotSoccer, the registration software used by OK Rangers FC.


Competitive Refund Policy

When you sign with a competitive team you are committing to the full year registration (Fall-Spring). Registration will not be refunded after August 1st if you withdraw. To be released from a team, you must request a release from the coach. If the coach agrees to the release and your player leaving does not put the team below the minimum roster size then you will need to complete an OSA transfer/release form. You are responsible for getting the paperwork signed by player, parent, and coach.  When the release paperwork has been completed and returned to the register, the player will be removed from the roster and future training fees removed. Note- a player MUST be current on all payments to the team and the club before the player will be released. If a player owes money at the end of the seasonal year, the club will follow OSA policies for reporting the player.  Players who are reported as owing money to another club will not be added to a roster until those obligations are met.


Academy Refund Policy

Prior to August 1st, registration may be canceled and refunded in full. After August 1st, training fees may be cancelled but registration will not be refunded. If registration for Spring season is pre-paid, a full refund can be requested until February 1st. After February 1st, training fees may be cancelled but registration will not be refunded. Any training fees that have already been paid to the coach for the current month will not be refunded.

Exceptions to these rules are subject to Oklahoma Rangers FC Board approval.


The seemingly random nature of thunderstorms cannot guarantee the individual or group absolute protection from lightning strikes, however, being aware of, and following proven lightning safety guidelines can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death. The individual is ultimately responsible for his/her personal safety and has the right to take appropriate action when threatened by lightning. Adults must take responsibility for the safety of children in their care during thunderstorm activity.


Any coach, board member, or referee has the authority and duty to suspend a practice or game in the event of a lightning threat within a 10 mile radius. In addition, any parent reserves the right to remove their player from a practice or game without consequence in the event of severe weather in the area if they feel the threat is not being addressed.

Detection of lighting can be done through numerous methods including:

• Electronic lighting detection apps (such as WeatherBug)

• Lightning detectors

• Flash/Bang method

When lightning is detected, everyone must exit the field and wait in a safe area such as a vehicle or solid building (sheds are not included). Unsafe places are near metal or water; under trees; on hills; near electrical/electronic equipment.


Play may not resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike was heard, visibly observed, or detected via one of the methods noted above.


A referee, board member, or coach may notify players and families of the all-clear. If multiple are available, consultation on safety must be agreed upon.


Temperature above 36 degrees
Normal practice

32 or below with precipitation
No outside practice

32-35 without precipitation
No more than 1 hour outside per session. May return outside after 30 minutes indoors.

26-31 without precipitation
No more than 30 minutes outside per session. May return outside after 15 minutes indoors.

25 or below without precipitation
No outside practice


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