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OK Rangers 2022-23 Team Placement for Players born 2012 to 2004

If you missed tryouts and are still looking for a team or have any  other questions please email

If your player is YOUNGER THAN 2012, you can register for our Academy program.  Read more at

If your player has been selected to a team and the coach has asked them to register, please use the link below to complete your registration.  The coaches will provide us a list of assigned teams. 

Please reference the financial agreement below.

Click here to register for the
OK Rangers for
2022-23 season




Uniform Sizing

Stop by the uniform tent with your player anytime during tryout pre-camp session or tryouts.  You will be able to try and sample uniforms for sizing (they may not look like our uniforms, but will have the same sizing).  We will provide you with a sizing paper where you can write down the sizes your player prefers for each item (or you can print your own below). We highly recommend checking sizing.  Uniforms come in both men and women's cut.


When it is time to order uniforms, you will be able to refer to your paper and place your order.  You will be able to come back at anytime and order additional items.  Please make sure you order your required items ASAP to ensure they arrive before tournament and league games start in mid August.



Order Rangers Fan Gear!

Check out opportunities to get set up with OK Rangers FC shirts, hoodies, tanks, hats, scarfs, beanies, and yard signs!!

Uniform Kits

This OK Rangers FC uniform kit is for both the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons. If you have any part of the kit from 2021-22, you will not need to order again unless you want a different size or extras . The required items will include a home kit (jersey, shorts, socks), away kit (jersey, shorts, socks), and practice jersey. Keepers will need a keeper kit (jersey, shorts, socks) and practice jersey.

Optional items will include warmups, backpacks, and any additional uniform kit items (like socks).  Warmups may not be available yet due to pandemic.

Numbers will be coordinated by the team manager and the OK Rangers FC uniform coordinator.  Uniforms will be ordered online this year and shipped directly to you.  The link will be shared with you as soon as teams are added to the uniform site after tryouts.

Uniform pricing

Home Kit (jersey, shorts, socks) - $93.36
Away Kit (jersey, shorts, socks)- $110.91

Keeper Kit (long sleeve jersey, shorts, socks) - $128.34
Training/Practices Jersey -  $29.07

All players will wear black socks/shorts for training.

Total Field Kit (Home kit + Away Kit + Training Jersey) = $233.34
Total Keeper Kit (Keeper Kit + Training Jersey) = $157.41

Keepers  can use training jersey as alternative short sleeve jersey.  Players who play both field/keeper please visit with coach or manager for alternatives to minimize cost. 

No Tax
Shipping is flat rate of $10.95
Order will ship directly to you.  Multiple family members can be ordered/shipped together. Order extras/replacements at any time.

Deadline for initial uniform order is July 5, 2021 in order for them to be in by Aug 12 for pre-season tournaments.


Uniform Order Link

Coming soon

OK Rangers Competitive 2022-23 fees

All registration, training feeds, maintenance fees are payable to the OK Rangers FC club and can be set up to automatically pay by card from your player’s account.

Registration ($300

  • You will have the option to pay this in full at signing or in two installments with $150 due at signing and $150 due 10/1/22.
  • This covers OSA Membership fee, OK Rangers FC admin & referee fees and new this year OPL entry fees.
  • Not refundable after August 1, 2022. 

Training Fees ($825)

  • You have the option to pay this in full at signing or in monthly installments of $75 due the 15th of each month beginning June 15, 2022 and ending April 15, 2022.
  • Some months will have more practices/game time than others (i.e., August vs December)

Maintenance/Light Fees ($100)

  • You have the option of paying these in full at signing or in 2 installments of $50 due 7/1/22 and 11/1/22.
  • These cover light rental, insurance, fuel, and other field maintenance expenses


Coach travel expenses, tournament entry, and any other team related fees are paid to the team manager.

Coach Travel Expenses (varies) – paid to team manager

  • Teams will divide the cost of travel expenses for the coach. For in town tournaments this will include meal per diem. For out-of-town games or tournaments, this will include hotel (if required), standard mileage rates, and meal per diem. If the coach has more than one team participating in the same event, the total will be divided by the teams.

Tournament Entry (~$30-$60 each) – paid to team manager

  • Teams will typically attend 2-3 tournaments per season with some being local and some out of town/state depending on the team.  Cost of tournament and any required team fees (such as parking pass) will be divided between all players on the team. Not attending a tournament does not exclude you from your portion.
  • Tournaments are usually stay and play meaning the manager will reserve a block of rooms from a list of hotels provided by tournament. Families will be responsible to reserving and paying for their room as well as any associated travel expenses.

Other team fees (varies)

  • Highest level teams that participate in regional league, advance to regional or state level tournaments, etc. will be required to split the cost of entry.  Coaches will be able to tell you if this is a possibility.

Fundraisers / Sponsors / Scholarships

  • Sponsorship – Ask a business you know to sponsor your player, team, or the club.  Sponsorships for team can be given directly to your team manager and handled through their accounts.   Sponsorships toward your players training fees should be written to OK Rangers FC and turned in at registration, a board meeting, or mailed to the PO Box.  Sponsorships towards the club can also have the return of free advertising on our Facebook page and website and other events.  Please contact us for more information. 
  • Team fundraisers – Teams are welcome to hold fundraisers to apply towards team or individual players.  If you need ideas, please ask. 
  • We qualify for 501c3 and can provide the information as needed.  Any donation that requires a letter will need to be made out to OK Rangers FC and the club will direct the donation to the appropriate player, team, or to requested fund within the club (i.e. scholarship fund).
  • Scholarships for training fees will now be by application.  Please ask for a scholarship form. Scholarships are not guaranteed and will be awarded as available.