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Miss Tryouts?  We still have some openings.  Please email with your child's name and date of birth and we will put you in touch with the right coach!

OK Rangers FC Team 21-22 Registration

When you have been told by a coach to register for a team - please use this link.

2021-2022 Competitive Season

Oklahoma Rangers' core mission is to provide the best possible environment for the players, families and coaches within our communities. We are resolute in our beliefs and understand that the only way to grow and improve is to accept the fact that we are never done learning and that there is always another way. We strive to provide excellence in all areas of the Club and put each and every player in the best position to reach their maximum potential.

OK Rangers FC will be holding tryouts to form competitive teams for ages U11-U19 on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at Mustang Wildhorse Park.  Our desire is to give players multiple opportunities to work with age division coaches leading up to tryouts to ensure a good fit.  To do this, there will be open practice sessions posted for different age divisions in May and 2 days of pre-tryout sessions leading up to June 5th.  

Field Maps/Times for tryouts

Please note, the South entrance at WHP will be for coaches and board members only.  The gate will be shut during sessions.  All players and families will enter through East Gate for check in.  Parents will be able to spread out on the South side of fields. Players only beyond marked points. Be sure to check out concessions hosted by 06 Girls as they head to regionals and order your scarf, beanie, or yard sign west of concessions!

Order Rangers Gear!

Check out opportunities to get set up with OK Rangers FC shirts, hoodies, tanks, hats, scarfs, beanies, and yard signs!!


Beginning 4/27/21 Register for Training Sessions/Tryouts
May 2021 Open training sessions - completed
June 3 & 4, 2021 Pre-tryout camps @ MWP
June 5, 2021 Tryouts @ MWP
June 6, 2021 Weather backup tryout day
June 5, 2021 Registration for OK Rangers FC for selected players 
June 6-9, 2021 Teams entered into uniform ordering
June 10 - July 5, 2021 Parents order uniform kits online
July 2021 Monthly training begins
August 2021 Fall tournaments and leagues begin




2021-2022 OK Rangers FC Coaching Slate

We invite you to visit our COACHES PAGE to read about our diverse and talented coaching staff.  Click on the coaching slate images to view full size.




Competitive players are signed to a year long commitment.  Teams will practice July-May.  Training fees can be paid in full or for your convenience, divided into 11 monthly installments due 6/15/21-4/15/21.  Teams will typically play 3-4 tournaments in Fall and again in Spring and a indoor or futsal session over the winter break.  Younger teams will play a Fall and a Spring league season and high school age will  play an extended Fall season that will finish in time for school ball.  Please see the 2021-22 financial agreement to understand the expected expenses.  If you have any questions, please reach out. 


Having financial difficulties? Please see our player scholarship application.  There will also be a table available at the tryout camps and tryout session to speak to someone if you have questions.  However, all applications must be submitted by mail.



Uniform Sizing

Stop by the uniform tent with your player anytime during tryout pre-camp session or tryouts.  You will be able to try and sample uniforms for sizing (they may not look like our uniforms, but will have the same sizing).  We will provide you with a sizing paper where you can write down the sizes your player prefers for each item (or you can print your own below). We highly recommend checking sizing.  Uniforms come in both men and women's cut.


When it is time to order uniforms, you will be able to refer to your paper and place your order.  You will be able to come back at anytime and order additional items.  Please make sure you order your required items by July 5, 2021 to ensure they arrive before tournament and league games start in mid August.


Uniform Kits

This OK Rangers FC uniform kit will be for both the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons (order a little big if your player will grow). The required items will include a home kit (jersey, shorts, socks), away kit (jersey, shorts, socks), and practice jersey. Keepers will need a keeper kit (jersey, shorts, socks) and practice jersey.

Optional items will include warmups, backpacks, and any additional uniform kit items (like socks).  Warmups will not be available yet due to pandemic.

Numbers will be coordinated by the team manager and the OK Rangers FC uniform coordinator.  Uniforms will be ordered online this year and shipped directly to you.  The link will be shared with you as soon as teams are added to the uniform site after tryouts.

Uniform pricing

Home Kit (jersey, shorts, socks) - $93.36
Away Kit (jersey, shorts, socks)- $110.91

Keeper Kit (long sleeve jersey, shorts, socks) - $128.34
Training/Practices Jersey -  $29.07

All players will wear black socks/shorts for training.

Total Field Kit (Home kit + Away Kit + Training Jersey) = $233.34
Total Keeper Kit (Keeper Kit + Training Jersey) = $157.41

Keepers  can use training jersey as alternative short sleeve jersey.  Players who play both field/keeper please visit with coach or manager for alternatives to minimize cost. 

No Tax
Shipping is flat rate of $10.95
Order will ship directly to you.  Multiple family members can be ordered/shipped together. Order extras/replacements at any time.

Deadline for initial uniform order is July 5, 2021 in order for them to be in by Aug 12 for pre-season tournaments.


Uniform Order Link

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